Computer Doctor of Tucson

Unique to Tucson

Grassroots laptop and desktop repair. Our Windows specialist can resolve, errors, security issues, hardware and software issues. Available 24 hours for all your laptop repair needs. We have fixed water damage, bad wifi connection issues, and slow inter and virus problems.

I.T. Matters

A Problematic system leads to wasted effort and irritatingly slow operation that will result in missed opportunities of growth.

Quick and Easy Solutions

The wrong solution can render you useless in the market. We educate you through the almost impossible solutions like a charm.

We Resurrect the Dead

Dead Electronics!! We breath new life into completely dead, crappy, slow, rubbish CPU's. But some systems are worth avoiding, We know which ones.

Services Available

Over Phone Support

  • Nation Wide
  • Virus Removal, Hard Drive Issues
  • Printer Install, Speed Ups

Rent to Own

  • Make Payments
  • Get what you need Now
  • Tech Support Included

$1 Service

  • Pay just $1 Minute
  • In Shop Service only
  • Great for Diagnostic

Connect Everything

  • Solve all your connectivity at home
  • Get back passwords and codes
  • Unlock all devices in 1 visit